Friday, January 2, 2009

Evil Christmas-Hating Tomatoes

After a wonderful Christmas Eve with family, we decided to settle in for the night. Mikkena asked if she could wake us up as soon as she woke up for presents the next morning. Knowing that this was going to be a bad idea, I reluctantly agreed. She smiled and went to bed. I kissed Amber goodnight, and waited expectantly for Christmas morning. It seemed like everyone was looking forward to a nice Christmas morning, everyone except the tomatoes......

12:30 AM Christmas morning the tomatoes attacked, and they brought with them their dear friend Eddie, the Christmas puke.

This picture location is merely coincidental.

From 12:30 Am until 10:00 AM Amber was back and forth from the bathroom throwing up. I tried my best to support her, I got her ice-chips, went to the gas station to buy Sprite and crackers, but mostly all I could do is say "Oh Honey", or "I'm so sorry you're sick" after every puke. The saddest part of the story happened at 6:30 Am when Mikkena woke me up beaming, "Can we open presents now, Daddy?" "Wait, what's that sound?"


"Dad, what's going on in the bathroom?"


"Its nothing sweety we'll come get you when mommy's done"

The ironic part of this wonderful Christmas story is that Amber is an extremely picky eater. She won't eat or drink any food that is even nearing its expiration date. Amber decided recently to try to waste less food. Instead of throwing the evil, Christmas-hating tomatoes away, she scraped the mold off and ate them anyway.

Christmas 2008 took another bad turn when I went to work at 3:00 for a swing shift followed by the grave-yard shift. Between my "Oh, honeys" and getting ice chips, I probably landed 2 hours of sleep (which was two hours longer than Amber). I tried to sleep, but guilt is powerful when your wife is puking her guts out.

For those of you that have never gone 48 hours without sleep, I suggest you try it at least once. I got to a point during my grave shift (around 5:30 AM) when I stopped being able to perform routine tasks. It took me almost three minutes to open a door, and at another point I got up and walked out on a conversation I was having with another employee in mid-sentence.

Well that's the poor-us wrap up! I hope your Christmas went better than ours. What was your worst holiday experience?