Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Hungry

Amber and I are getting more serious about having a baby. I would consider myself baby hungry. Amber and I spend at least two days a month looking up baby names. I know, it’s not very healthy. We've been trying for a long time, and I think we may be doing something wrong. I keep asking Todd and Sherine for the secret recipe, but that secret is air tight. Maybe my diagram is old. Anyway, we are blessed to be surrounded by dozens of nieces and nephews and parents who trust us to watch them (they don't have nanny cams). These kids are cute enough that I can usually fill my appetite for babies, for a while.

Reagan and big daddy, or is it big old daddy? I can never remember.

Mikkena, Tobin and Alexis (They're cousins, he wishes he were that much of a ladies man)

Tagen (The most in danger of being kid-napped by me)


Stewart Falls

We decided to be a more healthy and outdoorsy family. I had a "great" idea to go on a 4 mile family hike to Stewart Falls near Sundance. We made a deal that the girls had to give me a dollar for every time they complained. Lets just say that was the easiest 30 bucks I ever made.

Judging by the rating system, I say it was a success!

Jumped on the Blog Wagon.

We caved in. This is our blog. I don't know how some of you do it. I have visited some impressive blogs. I visited a blog yesterday that had music, flashy graphics, and took me out to dinner afterwords. Since this is our first time, please reserve judgement.