Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saving Easter with my peeps

Mikkena and I were walking through the Holiday section of Smiths when Mikkena told me that Easter was her favorite holiday. Since, I measure each holiday strictly by candy quality I was naturally appalled. The only holiday that has worse candy than Easter is Arbor day. As a kid I remember waking up early on Easter morning and biting off the head of a chalky, hollow, and pastel chocolate bunny. I have never been more disappointed. The only thing that saved Easter for me is low-budget black licorice jelly beans. MMMM (and I'm serious they're delicious). I hope you had your hanky near for that story.

That's why I never want to see another child suffer the same horrible fate as me. After Mikkena told me that she has always wanted a chocolate bunny for Easter I decided that I will need to find and test several chocolate bunnies to ensure that Easter remains Mikkena's favorite holiday. I won't let you down!

First off, this one.

Don't let it's packaging deceive you. Even though the bunny is labeled "yummy" and "totally delicious" I was suspicious. Methinks the bunny doth protest to much. Sure enough it was revolting. It tasted like way-too-sweet syrupy wax. Also, I can't get over how sad it is to bite into a hollow bunny. Good thing I was only out a buck.

The next one I tried was a Dove bunny. This one had some clear improvements over Mr. braggy bunny. First off it was solid chocolate. The chocolate was rich and not too sweet. In fact it was exactly like the smaller dove chocolates except larger and in the shape of a bunny. I don't know why I expected something different. It was more of an investment at $3.50, but it was superior in every way to the first test rabbit. Given how many choco bunnies I will probably go through, I have imposed a 5 dollar limit per bunny. The search must go on!

After testing bunnies we did the next logical thing, we tried to see how many Peeps we can stuff in our mouths at one time.

Our friend AJ successfully got 5 marshmallow fowls into his mouth.

I got 10. I think I had room for one or two more but the little dudes kept pushing on my gaggy ball.

Tune in next time for more bunny tests, but in the mean time, we are having Hanging With the Hill's first contest. I will find the most delicious chocolate bunny and award it to the individual who can shove the most peeps in his or her mouth. Here are the rules

1. You must have a witness.

2. You must be able to completely close your mouth.

3. I want a picture.

Just cram, snap a pic, and send it to me jaredrhill@yahoo.com . The person with the most peeps gets a choco bunny.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Frozen families and sharing the addiction

If you're looking for something really fun for your family to do, let me suggest something you should stay away from: ice fishing. I know what you're thinking, how can standing outside in freezing weather and dipping smelly fish bait into the water unsuccessfully for an hour not be a blast? Well, its not, despite the cheesy grin on my face.

Mikkena was excited to go. She had a vision of fish jumping out of the ice and landing on a bed of ice cream. It's too bad no matter how much you believe, ice fishing is still cold and boring.

At least Amber didn't freeze. At least I think that's Amber.


Recently, we had our nephew/cousin Deacon over for the night. The evening started out normally with dinner at Olive Garden. But after we stuffed him full of candy things started to get a little weird.

After the sugar wore off, we settled down for a movie and popcorn.

If any one else needs a break from a little kid and doesn't mind them coming back with a sugar addiction give us a call, we still haven't satisfied the baby hunger.