Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of School Extravaganza

This week Mikkena threw the 1st annual end of school bash. She decided to go to Classic Skating and eat pizza. She brought 4 of her best 5th grade buddies so they can celebrate thier new freedom and plan how to dominate next year.
First they needed to dominate the rink.
The party was crazy, especially because 11 year-olds will be 11 year-olds.

I swear the party was booze free.

I think that 11 is a little young to be self conscious, but that shows how much I know about being a girl.

Classic Skating had a safety sign where they recommended that individuals over 25 not skate (true story). At first I was offended, then I realized they were right when I busted the funky hitch hiker and it aggravated my osteoporosis.

I can't tell whether that girl behind me is scared or impressed. Who am I kidding? I knew the answer to that before I asked it. Definitely impressed.

If any of you haven't seen Amber skate, you are missing out. She is amazing. I fell in love a second time. I'm sure Mikkena can't wait to have Amber and me back for next year. Every 11 year old would love to have us crash their party.