Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's no family bond like crazy, frozen family bond

This year Mikkena asked if she could join my polar plunge team to earn money for the Special Olympics of Utah. I knew she didn't really know what she was asking, so I hurried and got her to commit before she found out. I have always been a compassionate and responsible father. "It's not too bad is it dad?" "Nope, not too bad".

This year we decided to try the plunge at Deer Creek reservoir so that we could jump in a freezing lake that is not radioactive like Utah lake, although, we were unprepared for the difference in temperature. We left sunny Utah county to arrive in this garden paradise.

Just like any other decision I make in life, the trick is to run like a drunken caveman and jump before reality sets in.

Mikkena handled it like a pro! When I paused out of sheer terror, she yelled, "come on dad, we just need to do this! Don't think about it!" So we did it, and I didn't think about it, and then my brain froze and I couldn't think about it. That's why this picture shows me shoving Mikkena's face into the ladder. Mikkena's brain froze too, and that's why she is not using the ladder.
Thanks, wet suit guys, for all the help. I'm proud of my little girl! She followed through when five other members of my team chickened out. All in all, we raised close to $400 for the Special Olympics. Special thanks to our fearless camera chick, Amber "I have no interest in doing that" Hill. It's just like they say, the family that jumps into a frozen lake together stays together.