Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Friends

It's a good thing we have a built in baby sitter, because we have some new friends that will be staying with us for a while.
When she complains about changing diapers, I remind Mikkena of the disappearing ipod epidemic that occasionally puzzles this area of Eagle Mountain.
I would like to introduce you to our new friends. Here is Maricruz (Mari).

Mari is 5 years-old and turning 6 in February (as I am reminded several times a day). Mari is in kindergarten and likes to play with friends, particularly boys. Mari likes to ride her bike and is very kind. She also likes to eat a large variety of foods. We took her to Olive Garden and she didn't like her pasta so she asked if she could just eat the rest of the Calamari. Sure, all the 5 year-olds are doing it.'s Andrea!

Andrea is 3-years-old and is a bundle of energy. She likes to dress up and she hates to take naps. Andrea is very adept at stalling or coming up with plans to get out of nap time. The other day Andrea came up the stairs and announced that although she really wanted to, she couldn't take a nap because "someone" had locked her out of her room. That's sneaky smart and it almost worked.

Andrea has been working on her pronunciation and has recently learned how to say the "k" sound. Now she always asks for Cake. "I get it if I can say it" that logic works for me too.

Annaly (Annie)

Annie is 19 months, and her favorite activity is eating. I haven't yet found a food item (or non-food item) that she doesn't like to eat. She also tries all means at her disposal to stop from falling asleep. Right when she starts to close her eyes she jolts awake and starts yelling. She also enjoys shoes and being clean.

This is the sign Annie makes whenever I want to take a picture of her. I think it means "feed me long and prosper".

Because she is too interested in what everyone else is doing to sleep, she is tired alot. Other than rubbing her eyes she also picks her nose when she is tired. When we first got her she would cry for 45 min to 2 hours to avoid taking a nap. Now she yells, "mama" for 5 minutes and then she's out. Thank goodness for that. Amber is a nap training genius.

Even though everyone told us how different our life was going to be with three little kids, I didn't realize how different our life was going to be with three little kids. I have a new found respect for all the parents of large families. We are more tired, cranky, happy, fulfilled and spiritual than we've ever been.


HRHSpence said...

What cute little girls!

Nyssa said...

Yay for new friends!

Brittanie said...

They are so adorable!! So incredibly sweet, you can tell just by looking at them.

You need to let me know what their birthdates are so I can put their birthdays on my calendar.

It's so weird to think that from the outside you look at a family's insanity and wonder why they're doing that to themselves. But every day I'm more in awe of Mom & Dad. If I feel the way I do with 2 kids to chase around, what must it be X7? (more exhausting, crazy and fulfilling probably, lol)

Adi said...

wow mikkena looks so grown up in that first picture!! awwwww, will you let me take pics of them for my portfolio when i get back to utah? If not, I totally understand, but I refuse to let you tell me no for taking pics of Mikkena! I WILL steal her if I must! :)

quilting queen said...

It's about time you let us see them. I was wondering if we ever would. Kids are a lot of work that's for sure.I sure wish I could see you guys more often.

Stacie said...

4 Darling girls. So fun to see their little personalities come out in their pics. Glad you posted about them. I knew it was coming... after all, it's a holiday, right?