Friday, July 3, 2009


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Don't let her "Where's the beef?" look or her snaggle-tooth-canine grin fool you. This is not a dog, it's a baby. First, she's 5 pounds, she's carried every where she goes, she shakes when she's cold or scared and.....

She goes on walks being pushed in a stroller.

This is just getting sad. If Amber doesn't get pregnant soon we are going to have a zoo.

For those of you who don't remember Roxy's story check out my July 8th, 2008 post. Roxy was not in very good shape when we found her, and she is very fortunate that the Birchalls took such great care of her over the past year. Her breath has been officially downgraded from suffocating to poo-poo and she has gained 2 pounds (that's nearly half of her body weight). Well, she fits in our condo, and we love her. Mikkena really, really loves her.


I lifted this photo of my nephew Marcus off of my sister's (Adrienne) blog. I'm just surprised how much they are pushing the limits of infant fashion down in Kentucky. I thought cleavage showing peep-holes were reserved for the red carpet. I've tried a similar look, but mine was met with less enthusiasm.

Crack is wack!


Brittanie said...

She's cute...but...a chihuahua? lol. Praying for you as always.

Adi said...

She'll get pregnant soon! :) Can't believe you stole my kid's crack pic. Geeze.

Stacie said...

Oh man!!!! What a post - canines and cracks - great. Please stop taking in animals - animals have now outnumbered the humans in your house. STOP!

Sherine said...

Baby crack is smack!